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Aeroporto de Macaé MEA

The Aeroporto de Macaé MEA follows the development of the municipality. Actively participating in the local economy, it serves about 200,000 passengers per year (100% off-shore). Recently, ASeB has achieved yet another improvement and increment in airport services. New operations were implemented, resuming commercial flights in the city. This and other achievements reinforce the concessionaire's commitment to developing and supporting the Aeroporto de Macaé MEA as a reference in the region.

The airport is business oriented and dedicated to serving the oil industry. The new terminal has land for expansion (48 ha) and extensive capacity (ca. 11,000 m²).

Macaé is the city of the future. With great incentive for the economy, commerce and tourism, which has been gaining more and more prominence, the city can count on an international standard airport, committed to precision, efficiency, responsibility and transparency.

Aeroporto de Macaé MEA
Traffic 200 million passengers in 2018
Area 2,0 km²
Population 240 thousand in the metropolitan region of Macaé

Aeroportos do Sudeste do Brasil (ASeB)

The Aeroportos do Sudeste do Brasil (ASeB) is a Brazilian company that shares the international experience of the Zurich Airport group.

It is the concessionaire responsible for the operation of Vitória VIX and Macaé MEA airports, replicating its standard of excellence in its operations.

He believes that accountability, transparency, efficiency and accuracy are crucial for the provision of airport services and is committed to these values, to the satisfaction of your passengers.

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